Our story

TASTEBUD is the next generation of distribution company with expertise in business strategy, marketing and business development. ​

 We are a group of business developers, marketing strategists and business analysts with hands-on experiences and profound insights of the Korean market. ​

 We understand that building strong relationship between brands and their potential customers is a time-consuming process. That’s why we prefer to work closely with a selected brand to develop long-term strategic partnership. ​

 Our vision is to create unique moments. As such, we don’t simply sell products; instead, we create new culture and lifestyle that will enhance the value of our lives.

Our Services

Business Strategy

TASTEBUD helps you to successfully enter Korean market by establishing a clear business strategy. An international expansion strategy comprises market entry strategy including crucial choices in regard to primary markets of focus, determination of target customer and channel strategy, resource allocation, product and service value offerings, brand positioning, and creation of an operating model.

Business Development

TASTEBUD identifies and executes on strategic growth opportunities. We set a strategic business development plan for the Korean market and ensure it's in line with the brand’s strategic direction. We develop a growth strategy using industry knowledge, market trends, and case studies to achieve new levels of market penetration and market development.


TASTEBUD performs holistic marketing approach to create and develop integrated strategies across multiple marketing channels to give a consistent experience for customers. We translate research insights into marketing with a clear plan to achieve core brand and business goals, from raising awareness to shaping brand perception, creating engaged user bases, and catalyzing specific behavior.



TASTEBUD act as a “bridge builder” between brands and customers with emphasis on interaction between brands and customers. We establish the most appropriate and effective distribution strategies utilizing multiple channels and perform all necessary procedures for international trade and distribution including preparing documentations, customs clearance and quarantine inspection.